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Renegade Internet Marketing Master Creates Amazing New AUTOMATED INTERNET Marketing System ... "TRULY Easy Internet Marketing is Here!"

They Laughed at him, scoffed at his ideas, and said it couldn't be done. Who's Laughing NOW!

Dateline December 8, 2004: Experienced small business entrepreneur gets started in Home Business and Internet Marketing and proceeds to earn over a Million Dollars in the next 13 months using a marketing system he developed and used exclusively. He goes on to Double those numbers the following year, and continues for two more years producing 7 figure per year results from home.

Dateline August 20, 2009: This Marketing Superstar get's answers to these questions ...

  • What would happen if he created a marketing platform that automated everything he knew about Internet Marketing?
  • What would happen if he put a 'Monkey Simple' User Interface on the software so that anyone, regardless of their prior marketing skills or understanding of Internet Marketing, could easily use his system to build a massive Internet presence that ranked high on the search engines automatically?
  • What if he made thsi system "SMART"? Whta if he used artificial Intelligence, learning software, on this system so that it would reach a point where the user had very little to do to maintain and expand their already massive Internet Presence?
  • What if he bundled all of these systems together, into 1 simple to use interface, and delivered it to the marketers of the world FREE?

The answers came in the form of ideas and then a vision for something better, something huge, something that would change Internet Marketing forever.

At first the idea seemed too big, too agressive and ambitious even for himself. so he tried to shake it ... to blow it off ... to forget it. After all, creating such a system would take years, cost hundreds of thousands no millions of dollars, require millions of lines of computer code.

No it was simply too big an idea, too big a goal, too difficult to pull off. Pretty much everyone he knew said it was too ambitious. After all this Marketing Legend was 46 at the time, he wasn't getting younger, and starting an idea this big was for youth.

So he tried to forget about it; to stop thinking about it all together.

It didn't work ...

So in 2009, this Marketing Superstar began a project that would take 4 years to be "ready" for the marketplace. It would require tens of thousands of man hours, cost millions of dollars, and result in over 7 million lines of computer code. The JMAP project become more than a business idea and more than a huge dream. It became an obsession, a destiny, a "Failure is no option" pursuit. This fearless leader would not be denied; the world needed this solution. The world deserved this solution. You deserve to have this solution!

It wasn't easy to arrive at today; the day the free component called WizNet becomes available to the general public. This incredible solution surved many "Life Changing" events that also occured during this period of time; events that would have, any of them by themselves, been understandable excuses to quit; to give up; to walk away from his dream.

That wasn't going to happen. And so today, one long journey ends, and another incredible one begins.

Welcome to the NEW Era of Internet Marketing; the easy era.

It's available for your right now for FREE!

Welcome to WizNet!


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